How much do I get paid per assignment?

$50-$100 per assignment. The price is dependent on the location and the experience of the Scout. Scouts that have worked with us previously without issues are given a higher price point per assignment. Locations that are larger and will require a longer stay like amusement parks will also get paid more.

Once you’re approved to be a field scout, you’ll start out at $50 per assignment ($75 for amusement/theme parks). After you’ve submitted 10 assignments without issue (meaning we don’t have to contact you for corrections, additional information or to address problems) you’ll be upgraded to Pro Scout status and receive an additional $25 per assignment.

You’ll receive an email after you’ve claimed an assignment with the payment amount and details specific to that assignment.

What do I need to do to get paid?

Within a day of your trip, you’ll receive an email with the subject, “Get Paid for Scouting ___________.” Inside, you’ll find three steps towards getting paid:

  • Submit your written review for this property by responding to this email.
  • Answer the short questionnaire by clicking on the link and filling out the form.
  • Attach Your Photos to the email. 

When do payments go out?

Payments go out on the first Friday of the month. You will only get paid if you have completed all of the above steps and you’ve received a confirmation email from our Scout team approving your assignment.

What if I’ve completed everything but I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

If you’ve completed everything and you haven’t received a confirmation email yet it typically means our Scout team

  • Didn’t receive your submission
  • May want additional photos or information about the location
  • May have questions about the photos or review you uploaded

We try to approve trips as quickly as possible, but it could take up to 2 days for our Scout Team to approve your trip or reach out to you with questions. Please make sure to check your email for anything from our team in regards to your assignment. If it’s been 2 business days and you still haven’t heard anything, please reach out to us at

What if it’s my first assignment?

If this was your first scouting trip with the Little Wild Ones Collective, you’ll receive a contractor setup email from Zenefits a day or two before the first Friday of the month that you’ll need to fill out.