There are a few factors that determine your listing’s position in our search results. You may have to click through a few pages to find your listing, so keep in mind it may not come up right away.

Here are the factors that play a role in your listing’s search ranking:

  • Type of search: When Explorers search for a precise area (like a city or “near me”), results are weighed based on their distance from that point. However, when Explorers search for results by moving the map or clicking on state or region names, results are weighed more based on their distance from the center of the map.

If you zoom in on your area on the map of a search and drag the map to your location, your search results will refresh. As you zoom in, your listing will get closer and closer to the top of our search results since you’re narrowing the distance to your listing on the map. When Explorers are looking to explore given area, they will often zoom in from a general search to find places within their exact parameters.