At the Little Wild Ones Collective, you can choose between two types of listings when adding your location to our community.

Free (Basic) Listing

It’s free and will always be free to list your location, activity or adventure on our directory. A free account includes the basics that an explorer would want to know. Things like hours, location, a general description of your property, faq’s and more.

Paid (Pro & Advanced) Listings

The Little Wild Ones Collective also offers location managers to upgrade their listings to a paid plan. Each plan has different features that may or may not be useful to a particular location. Things like the ability to add your menu, take reservations or add a video to your listing.

Paid listings also include the ability to market your listing across our site. We have a variety of ways you can market your listing depending on what fits your needs.

You can find out more about the difference in plans here.