We’ve found that locations that provide accurate, quality photos of their listings receive more user interaction and ultimately visitors to their property. Here are some quick tips to make your listing stand out:

Tidy up & consider the details
Clear clutter, trash or anything that might deter an Explorer or make your photos appear cluttered. A restaurant doesn’t appear very appealing when there’s a trash can in the middle of the photo.

Take horizontal photos
Take zoomed-out landscape (horizontal) photos instead of portrait (vertical). Try to get as much of your location in the property as possible.

Focus on the lighting
For outdoor shots, take photos in late afternoon to get a warm, flattering light. For indoor shots (in structures), take photos during the day when there’s lots of bright, natural light, open all the windows and turn on any additional lighting.

Include what makes your location unique
Have any cute farm animals? A swimming pool? A great view? Take photos! Exploring families love to know what makes your land unique and special!

The best tip of all? Make it look like somewhere you’d want to spend your time!