Style Requirements

The brighter, the better. Places look 100 times more inviting when there’s lots of light. We know the weather isn’t always going to be sunny and clear, and many of you’re adventure might be indoors where lighting isn’t ideal – but bumping up your exposure a little can make a big difference!

Staging Requirements

Try to include photos of the people in your family as much as possible. Photos with people in them are stronger at conveying your story/experience while allowing future explorers to really imagine themselves at the location. Keep the poses natural and candid, like the subject isn’t aware you’re taking their photo. Please note: We do not need portraits or close-ups.

Keep distracting elements out of the background of your photos and keep your editing clean and simple. Avoid moody shots, haze overly warm tones or coolness in your photos.

Required Shot List

  1. 2 Overview Shots of the Location: wide angle with as much of the location as possible.
  2. Surrounding Landscapes, Amenities and/or Attractions
  3. People & Activities

Check out our Little Wild Ones Scouting 101 page for more detailed information on what we are looking for!

Note: A photo is almost always better when there’s a person in it (although we prefer no people in your overview shots). Photos with people are stronger at conveying your story/experience while allowing other parents to truly imagine their families on that adventure. Keep in mind, there is a difference between a portrait and a photo with a person in it – we are not looking for portraits.